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Havels Fabio 10 AX One way switch

Havels Fabio 10 AX One way switch
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Havels Fabio 10 AX One way switch
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  • Model: Fabio 10 AX
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Product description

Warranty: 1 year on product Color: White Fully conforms to IS-3854-1997 Flame retardant, UV light stablilised, unbreakable engineering plastic housing Labyrinth effect to minimize visibility of arc, wide and concave switch knob for easy operation Silver cadmium oxide (Agcdo) contacts provide high conductivity and anti-weld properties Dome shaped moving contact and flat head fixed to provide positive contact GF nylon 66 plungers provide high mechanical strength and self-lubricating properties to enhance switch life Special steel springs to provide consistent contact pressure Copper rocker with silver inlay to reduce wear and tear of the fulcrum, rocker profile provides lever effect to increase contact pressure and minimise temperature rise Silver plated brass terminals to provide high conductivity and reduce heating, liberal terminal hole size provided to accept wires upto 6 Customer support number - 18001031313 Warranty: 1 year on product

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